Formal and Informal


This is informal because instead of let us, it is let’s. BY ASEA



Data Handling

During our science lessons we sometimes make use of the laptops to create tables and graphs.  This helps us to be good Year 6 mathematicians and Y6 scientists.

Here Marwa has collected and inputted data to create a line graph about the length of a shadow in relation to its distance from a light source.

Distance from torch (cm) Length of shadow (cm)
10cm 20
20cm 25
30cm 39
40cm 59
50cm 62
60cm 88
70cm 96


Marwa Graph

Amira’s Story

Another wonderful story, written and then word processed by Amira in Y6 Phoenix.

Can you spot any similarities and differences between this story and the traditional Cinderella story?

This story is about Hannah(a girl who is brilliant with animals) and how horrible life is. Then suddenly she goes off without a family-who died in a tragic accident- around the world.

Once upon a time there was a young maiden-who was an orphan. She  lived in a huge mansion with of course her horrible stepmother and sisters had to be there to spoil the fun. Hannah was her name and she was treated like a slave in her family. Her stepmother was cold-hearted and made her polish her trophies every day.

One day when she was cleaning the floor a mysterious magical poster flew swiftly on the floor. It was inky but it was still readable. In capitals it read ‘Journey around the world with the team’. Jumping with joy, she turned her smile into a frown. Her stepmother was looking at her with a smile as wicked as a witch.

‘’Don’t you ever think that you will ever go to that silly thing!’’ Snapped Valerie (The stepmother).Snatching it out of her hand, she dragged her to her room leaving her with only big fat rats as her company. Crying with despair, she saw her sisters wickedly behind  her mother. She slammed the door hard and padlocked it. Who could it be ?…


‘’Who could you be ?’’Questioned  Hannah.

‘’For I am your guardian angel!’’ Cackled the man .With a confused  look, the mysterious man came out of the shadows.

‘’So many gullible people nowadays!’’ Laughed the  man(who now looked like a ghost).   

A Cinderella Story

Here is an extract of Maryam’s fantastic Cinderella story.  She has typed it up so that she is ready to publish it for our display and classroom book this week.

This is a story about a girl –who never gets treated well- who wants to go to the pool party and must obey her stepmother’s rules.

Once upon a time there was a girl (Babra) who was heartbroken, red-lipped girl with the most finest gold hair.  But she had the most ugly sisters, who were Lydia and Chichi.  They were so horrible and mean.  You will not be wanting to move onto the step-mother, she is the most cruel, hating woman you will ever want to see.  She makes Babra be their slave.  She had to do all the chores, the animals were cleaned by her.  She sleeps in the most dark room and cleans until she is sweaty.

One day Babra meets the most handsome man you will ever see, he then asked her “Are you going to the pool party at my palace?” he pleaded quietly.

“I hope so,” she replied.

When Babra went home she told her fake sisters that there was a pool party.  The ste-mother then made Babra so excited and she said “If you want to go you must clean.” She had been tricked by the wicked step-mother.  Barbra’s hands sweated and got cut she cleaned until blood dripped.

Bible in a Day

RE2.JPGRE1.JPGOn Tuesday we were joined by the Footsteps Theatre Company for Bible in a Day workshop.  We spent the morning looking at the story of Exodus and of Moses receiving the 10 commandments.  In the afternoon session with Steve, we learnt about the life of St Peter.